Sunday, February 11, 2007

Monday Night Raw.

IM Title Tilt on Monday Night.

He is me and I am him.

Agent Zero.

Back to posting regularly sometime soon, I promise.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Back by popular demand this year...

Well, that didn't take too long now did it. I'm back, hopefully weekly, but we'll see. So much to get to. GO.

Well, me and p23's sorry attempt at a Pacers blog is just that, sorry. It's kinda hard when they are only on tv 8 times all year and we live 5 or so states over and neither of us has league pass which sucks by the way. they are doing good though, so im happy for them. go pacers.

Ohio St. - Michigan this week. WOW. I've been waiting for this for so long and i wont even get to watch it. Oh well. Bucks by 10, 30-20. Score is closer than the games was as Mike Hart gets a late 4th quarter TD. Hope Rutgers/Mich/Florida/USC is ready for their beatdown on January 8. One day in my lifetime they are gonna play the national championship on the sunday in between the final four and the championship, and there still won't be a playoff.

House this week was pretty good even though greg seems to go against all ethics any more. He could seriously care less about anything ethical, its still great tv and he is my 1B favorite doctor, and 1A is of course....

Dr. Troy, who was mysteriously absent from this week's episode of NipTuck. This weeks episode sucked so hard. it was boring, sean was a bitch blah blah blah. hopefullly it will go back to being hte niptuck that we all know and love next week. although, i think i am gonna start rocking hte scarf tie on more occasions.

i dont like to toot my own horn, but i look damn good in a suit. this new coaching venture is going good and i think one of hte reasons is that i have so much support from everywhere about it. thank you so much. everyday im feeling more comfortable which is a good thing and im sure i will get better as i go.

albums that have leaked in the past week or so and they order they get ranked in...

still feelin the killers, mayer and j legend above all though, well maybe not clipse but duh

family guy was all time this week, with the references that quagmire made about wings and tim daly, its must see tv

we need to see borat ASAP, sat??

my fantasy football team is gearing up for the playoffs with acquisitions of LJ and t brady, oh yeah....lets go boys

thats whats up

buck's dry cleaning is the shit, no seriously. im a loyal customer.

i need a haircut or at least a trim.

i got headbutted in hte face but some dude at noontime hoops today and it hurt, i mean it really hurt, needless to say i wasnt the happiest camper about it.

parental control is the best/worst show on mtv

OK, steelers

i hope that this isnt as half assed as it seems, maybe it just seems like that because im only using caps half of the time, who knows, but thats all for now, hopefully this will start to become a regualr thing, like it used to be. im a busybody though so who knows. back soon. Hi bed.

bust a move

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

When I come back like Jordan, wearin' the 4-5...

No more reasons to write, you can find me at Five Warning Shots for the latest.

Bust a move.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

This is why I wish that I could sing and/or play the piano.

His album gets better each listen.

Bust a move.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More randomness.

I seriously can't wait for this Borat movie. It can't come soon enough. The first 4 minutes of this has leaked on to the Internet and apparently its out in some big cities. When will or is it ever gonna come to H-don? Who knows. I really hope so though. That way we'll be able to go see this guy and laugh nonstop for a few hours.

And here we go, Nip/Tuck was boooooooooooooooorrrring last night. The first five minutes was alright with Midge making out with Julia and Psycho Sean going beat down style on that kid and his dad. But after that it was pretty much snooze fest. I didn't really need that 10 minute Burt Bacarach music montage or the 30 minutes of showing little Connor getting his hands chopped up. But, have no fear. Next week has the makings of being wild. If they kill off Christian then I might snap and never watch it again but I know they won't and can't wait to see what happens.

Pudge got hit in his protective device. Errr, nuts. Then So Taguchi scored so taguchi on a wild pitch. Then Pujewls got plunked and threw the ball back to the pitcher. This is all the baseball I watched last night.

2 more of the NBA Previews will be coming shortly.

This is unprecedented. No, really it is.

Other than that, not too much going on around here. Dressing up as Superman for school tom. Should be interesting.

Bust a move.

Part 3 of 4. Life in the Post's NBA Preview Spectacle.

I know that you have been waiting for this. Since I am LitP's resident NBA analyst. I'm my own resident analyst for every sport for that matter. So here goes, remember, this is really what's going to happen this year. I promise. Thanks for doing this Jeff. No problem Zero. Without further ado...

Atlantic - Zero wants to say either Toronto or Philly here, so so bad. He just can't. He thinks Marcus Williams is gonna be a great compliment to Jason Kidd. Zero thinks that he will be considered for ROY. Plus they still have Vinsanity and RJ. Kristic is serviceable in the East at C. They have one of the Collins brothers, Zero thinks it's Phil. Zero just can't see anyone else in their division beating them enough times to make a difference. Plus, this is the East we're talking about here people. So, the Nets. 50 - 30.

Central - This is where things get a little sticky. Until the strip club incident, Zero was ready to ride the Pacers to the Conference Championship series. Now, not so much. They still have a yougn core, but there is more than basketball going on over there, which never ends up good. The Pistons are old and the Bucks are a year or 2 away. That leaves the Bulls and that other team. Your not gonna find any LeBron slurping during this preview. Yeah, he's good. Great. Awesome. Whatever word you want to use. Zero is enamored by the Baby Bulls. Zero knows they overpaid for Ben Wallace, Zero doesn't care. Hinrich, Deng, Gordon, Nocioni, Thomas, Sefolosha, Sweetney, Duhon. Pret-ty impressive. They believe in the system, they defend. They like each other. They have some vets that can play and no what is asked of them. Your number one seed in the East folks. The Chicago Bulls.

Southeast - The Hawks because they have Chris Paul. Oh, what. They didn't draft him. What? Has Zero been asleep? Who is running the Hawks? Anyway. The Heat. C'mon they have more star power than the Atlantic division does. This is just on one team. D-Wade is a leader, and he gets a lot of calls. Shaq is still Shaq. Hopefully Simien gets some burn. The Wizards close the gap even more this year. They win 10 less games. Gilber is slowly becoming poster child of Zero's site.

Southwest - Like Prince says, this division bores me. It probably doesn't but the Spurs seem to bore everything up. Speaking of the Spurs, they didn't get any younger. So why should Zero believe they are gonna win this division. Mavs win 57 games. Everyone there is happy, not content, but happy. Hell, Zero'd be that happy too if he got to hang out in those locker rooms. Watch out for NOOCH. Houston and their sizzupr will be alright if everyone can stay healthy.

Northwest - This is the Year of the KG. Foye, KG, Rick Davis, Mike James, McCants when he gets back. Zero doesn't really see anyone in this division challenging them. Denver is gonna self destruct this year. Look for George Karl to be gone after the All-Star Break. Too many issues going on a mile in the air. Portland is young, too young. Roy and Aldridge will be fun to watch though.

Pacific - This division is pretty big time. Supposedly, 24 is gonna be back for opening night. We'll see. The Lakers need him so that Smoosh and Far-mar don't have to share the load. The Clippers are for real. And then, there is Phoneix. They're too good. They win the division and 60 games.

Conference Champs
East - Heat in 7 over the Bulls.
West - Suns in 6 over the Wolves.

NBA Champs - Suns in 7. This is finally the year.

MVP - KG. You wanna talk about averaging a triple double, this is the guy that could do it. He, more than anyone else in the past 10 years has revolutionized the game as we know it. How many guys 6'10" can handle the ball now. Why? KG. He's a five tooler. He brings it every night and you know what your gonna get. They are finally putting some people that can play around him, which will benefit him more than you can imagine. Plus, he was in Asia all summer doing promo and getting his head right. He is gonna be more focused than ever and it's gonna help that Randy Foye is gonna play Robin to KG's Batman. Plus, he can do this....

ROY - Jason Kidd gets hurt. Marc Williams finishes second in one of the closest ROY ballots ever. The winner is...

Most Improved - I mean...I wanna pick STAT, but I'm gonna pass. It will be this guy.

Coach of the Year - Whoever the coach of the T'Wolves is. Zero thinks it's Dwayne Casey. He doesn't really want to look it up. Any coach that takes their squad from not in the playoffs to the Finals is ok in my book.

6th Man -Charlie Bell. Flintstones.

Defensive POY - Ron-Ron.

Scoring Leader - King James. 34.3 a night. Let's just hope Damon Jones gets his every night out too.

Biggest Team Cancer - Um, Chris Webber.

Most Shocking Season Headline - "LeBron Impregnates LaLa." or "Hawks Sign Byer to 2-Year Deal; Much Needed Backcourt Help." or "Nash-Nowitzki-D'Antonio-Bryant Love Sqaure Exposed."

Biggest Name that is Traded - I say that Paul Pierce is shipped. Back to GS for Jason
Richardson and change. P Squared, B Diddy, and The Game can now do all the West Coast Gang Banger stuff that they want.

Best Offseason Pick Up - Mike James.

Anything else you want the world to know....

LeBron James never is gonna have a chance to model for Sean John.

Bust a move.

Part 2 of 4. Life in the Post's NBA Preview Spectacle.

Here is part of the hallowed NBA preview coming from this spectacular blog. Today's preview comes from Pick 'Em who is also making some NFL picks over at The Point. A big thanks for his input. I haven't read this yet, but I'm sure you should get ready for your daily dose of the Mamba AKA KB8, er KB24. Enjoy!

This is a great piece, even greater than mine and Tommy's combined. Pick 'Em should probably get a weekly column after writing the greatest preview ever. Thanks again JP.


8. Houston Rockets, 41-41 (+7 Improvement)
The Rockets turned into a playoff team with the off-season signing of Shane Battier and acquistion of Bonzi Wells. If Wells comes off the bench this year, he’ll be your Sixth Man of the Year, but he’ll be in the starting lineup my mid-season, if not earlier than that. Look for him to play 30-35 minutes, and give the Rockets a much needed 15-17 points a game. Battier joins an already stellar Rockets defense which ranked 4th in the league in 2005-06, only yielding 91.7 ppg. Houston lacks depth on the bench after Wells, so an injury or two, whether it be physical or mental (Tmac), could wreak havoc on a team that should otherwise sneak into the post-season in a very competitive Western Conference.

7. Sacramento Kings, 43-39 (-1)
Musselmann is the perfect coach for a Kings team looking to get back to where they were five years ago. Artest is definitely a head case, but I truly believe he cares about winning. That’s going to result in a few tiffs throughout the season, because the Kings are going to be streaky much like last year, mainly because of their poor team defense (97.3 ppg). I still don’t see Artest, Bibby, and Miller letting this team miss the playoffs, but they need a few more pieces for them to realistically contend in the West, and the loss of Wells doesn’t help matters. Like last year, they won’t be an easy out for anyone in the first round.

6. L.A. Lakers, 46-36 (+1)
The Lakers addressed two of their biggest needs (a point guard that can defend and a perimeter shooter) this off-season with the first round draft pick of Jordan Farmar, and the free agent signing of Vladimir Radmanovic. Smush Parker is not the answer at point guard, he can’t and will not even try to defend the pick and roll. Farmar can create off of the dribble and he gives the kind of effort that will make him a very good defensive player in this league, which will result in him handling the majority of the point guard duties come playoff time. If you’re a Lakers fan, you have to love the signing of Radmanovic, who finally gives Kobester (wow that was tough, I went as long as possible without mentioning him) a perimeter threat. Sasha Vujacic is going to surprise people this year. He’ll give the Lakers 7-9 points off the bench and will play a key role during the playoffs. The real question with the Lakers is can Lamar Odom play like he did during the 2006 playoffs (excluding game 7 when he was fouling 3 point shooters on purpose) for the whole year?

5. L.A. Clippers, 47-35 (E)
Donald Sterling and the Clippers are finally intent on winning. Elton Brand gets my vote for league’s most underrated player. Last season, he put up 24.7 ppg, 10.0 rbg, and shot 53% from the field. Not only is he a great finisher, but he has also developed a very nice 10-15 foot jumper. The Clippers actually have some depth with the signing of Tim Thomas (who absolutely played out of his mind in the playoffs, Suns wouldn’t have gotten past the Lakers without him), and Shaun Livingston coming off the bench, has shown steady improvement. I still believe the Clippers are a year or two away from getting past the Mavericks, Spurs, and Suns. They could pull a shocker in the second round and knock one of them out this year, but getting past 2 of 3 and making it to the finals doesn’t seem quite realistic yet.

4. Denver, 42-40 (-2)
Denver gets the 4 seed, how ridiculous is that? The divisional format the NBA has in place now is correct and is a must for scheduling purposes, but they have to make a change and seed teams based on their record. Teams in the NBA play 82 games, and they play everyone in their conference at least twice, so winning your division is an accomplishment and all, but if you’re the only team over .500, should you really be rewarded with home-court in the first round when there are 7 teams with better records than you. No, no you should not. But I regress, the Nugs will be seeded # 4 and they will make a quick exit from the playoffs once again. They have too many question marks that teams in the West will turn into problems. Their defense ranked 23rd in the league (100.1 ppg), Camby can’t stay healthy (so you’ll be seeing a lot of Najera, who is fun to watch, but not the answer), and they’ll have to go through growing pains with shooting guard J.R. Smith. One other thing, Earl Boykins is my man and all, but when he’s guarding someone, why not post him up, EVERYTIME?

3. Phoenix Suns, 59-23, (+5)
It’s really scary to think the Suns will be adding Amare Stoudemire and his 26 point, 8.9 rebound averages to an already potent offense that averaged 108.4 ppg without him. But Stoudemire, along with a healthy Kurt Thomas will matter more on the defensive side of the ball, where they allowed a “pompous” 102.8 ppg last season. Can the Suns play the kind of half court defense that it takes to win a championship? I still don’t think they match up well at all with a team like San Antonio, who will slow things down in the playoffs and make you play their style of basketball. If the Suns get to the NBA Finals this year, they’ll have to do something they couldn’t do last year, and that is get past Nowitzki and the Mavericks, because they aren’t beating San Antonio in a 7 game series.

2. San Antonio Spurs, 62-20 (-1)
It was so obvious that Tim Duncan was struggling physically last year (doesn’t it seem like Duncan’s old and about to retire? He’s only 29, that’s crazy), but now that he’s healthy, I expect him to increase his point and rebound totals after averaging career lows in both categories (18.6 ppg, 11.0 rbg). The Spurs know what they’re going to get out of players like Parker, Ginoboli, Bowen, and Finley, but who is going to play center for the Spurs? To be honest, I don’t know much about their two free agent acquistions, Francisco Elson and Jackie Butler (both center’s), but the Spurs need one of the two to step up and make a contribution. The Spurs were the 2nd best defensive team in the NBA (88.8 ppg)last season, which is another reason why I like them should they meet up with the Suns down the road. If San Antonio is healthy come playoff time, they could find themselves playing for another championship.

1. Dallas Mavericks, 63-19 (+2)
I believe this is the year Nowitzki and Cuban get their ring despite Dallas not making any significant off-season moves. They have an MVP caliber player in Nowitzki, who is surrounded by playmaker Jason Terry, and two rising stars in Howard and Harris. A title contender has to have role players, and Dallas has them a bunch with the likes of Stackhouse, and recent signees Devean George, Austin Croshere, and Anthony Johnson. Diop and Dampier are question marks at center, but Diop’s shot blocking ability and Dampier’s rebounding (7.8 rbg) will get the job done. Dallas’ defense jumped from 14th in the league to 7th last year (93.1 ppg), which is a big reason why they were the Western Conference’s representative in the Finals.

Western Conference Playoff Predictions
1st Round
Dallas def. Houston, 4-1.
San Antonio def. Sacramento, 4-2.
L.A. Lakers def. Phoenix, 4-3.
L.A. Clippers def. Denver, 4-2.

Conference Semi-finals
Dallas def. L.A. Clippers, 4-2.
San Antonio def. L.A. Lakers, 4-2.

Conference Finals
Dallas def. San Antonio, 4-3.


8. Orlando Magic, 40-42 (+4)
The Magic caught fire at the end of last season and made a run at the eight seed, finishing out the season 16-6. Dwight Howard, a star in the making, averaged a double-double last season (15.8 pts, 12.5 rebounds). Give him two more years and he’s going to be putting up some really ridiculous numbers that are going to make him an all-star starter year-in-and-out. I really like Orlando’s front court future with him and Milicic, who will most likely come off the bench and play his way into a starting role this year (Milicic’s going to have a solid career, and this year is the start of it, he’ll average 10-12 ppg). Overall, I’m very optimistic about the Magic’s future, but they’re still years and players away from joining the top five teams of the East.

7. Indiana Pacers, 41-41 (E)
Carlisle may have to change his half court philosophy, and let Tinsley and Daniels play to their strengths, which is running the floor. Speaking of Daniels, I’m high on him, he’s a shooting guard who shoots 48% from the field but doesn’t shoot enough (only averaged 10.2 ppg last season). Defense will still be Carlisle’s number one priority; the Pacers only yielded 92 ppg in 2005-06. Al Harrington is back in town (great move), and joins Jermaine O’Neal to form a formidable front court. Indiana lacks depth other on the bench other than forward Danny Granger, but I believe their defense won’t let them fall below a 7 seed in the East.

6. Washington Wizards, 43-39 (+1)
The Wizards were torched by the Cavaliers last year in the playoffs. It was disgusting to watch, but not surprising being that they allowed almost 100 ppg during the regular season (99.8). Butler’s probably their best on the ball defender, and that isn’t saying much. He has the skills but doesn’t play all out all the time and doesn’t like getting physical (watch him box out). Haywood isn’t the answer underneath, and that was a problem I was surprised to see they didn’t address during the off-season. Saying all that, the Wizards are still going to win games because they have a scoring machine in Arenas, and two other nice offensive players in Butler and Jamison that can get you 20 any given night.

5. Cleveland Cavaliers, 50-32 (E)
I have the Cavs in the fifth slot not because I feel they’ll drop off from last season, but other teams like the Bulls and Nets have jumped them with their off-season moves. Lebron James (prediction: 31.7 ppg) gets my pick for MVP this year over Kobe Bryant for the simple reason that James’ supporting cast is much weaker, but he’s still not a better overall player than Kobe because he’s not consistent on the defensive side of the ball. The Cavs didn’t make any significant changes to their roster, but I would have liked to of seen them upgrade the point guard position. They have two back ups playing the point, Snow and Wesley. I like the spark plug they have in Varejao off the bench, and sleepy Donyell Marshall still has some game. Larry Hughes is a very good defender, but he needs to step up offensively, his 15.5 ppg and 41% shooting percentage are decent, but they both need to improve this year. It’s really important for Cleveland to finish above where I have them, because if they don’t, they’re not getting past the first round.

4. Chicago Bulls, 50-32 (+9)
I love the Bulls with the free agent signing of Ben Wallace, who joins a young, tough defense that held their opponents to a measly 42 percent (led the league) from the field last year. Wallace is just what they needed in Chicago, a rebounder and a shot blocker that can protect the basket. You can bet that their 97.2 pts allowed will decrease with him in the lineup. Hinrich and Gordon form a versatile backcourt in that they can push the ball up court and also work effectively in a half court set. Gordon is clutch in crunch time and Hinrich plays all out no matter what the circumstances are. Luol Deng will increase his ppg average (14.6) from last year, and he’s my pick for sixth man of the year. Although P.J. Brown (9 ppg, 7 rbg) is a decent fit and a prescense down low, look for draft pick Tyrus Thomas to get some major playing time as the season unfolds. Chicago gave Miami all they could handle last year in the first round of the playoffs (the Heat were so frustrated they were fighting amongst themselves). It’d be great to see them meet up again this post-season with Ben Wallace in the middle.

3. New Jersey Nets, 52-30 (+3)
Nenad Krstic completely changes this team, they finally have an inside presence that can score, instead of solely relying on perimeter shooting. Kidd, Jefferson, and Carter can play with anyone at their respective positions, and Carter’s in a contract year, so that couldn’t possibly hurt. I like the free agent signing of Eddie House, but it’ll be interesting to see if he was a product of the Suns system. The Nets had one helluva draft this year, bringing in a big body in Boone, point guard Marcus Williams, and Hassan Adams. Jason Collins is the weak link on this team, so expect Boone to get an opportunity to earn some significant time this year once he gets back from injury in December. The Nets make it to second round relatively easy this year, and they’ll give whoever they play in the conference semi-finals a series.

2. Detroit Pistons, 55-27 (-9)
The loss of Ben Walllace definitely hurts the Detroit, but I believe it helps the Bulls more than it hurts the Pistons. Dumars went out and signed Nazr Mohammed, who I think will be a good fit. He doesn’t give you the defense and shot blocking ability they once had with Wallace, but he’s lengthy and has potential on the offensive side of the ball. Antonio McDyess (7.8 ppg, 5.3 rbg) needs to stay healthy and be a contributor consistently this year. Detroit’s defense ranked 3rd last year (90.2 ppg) and it will slightly drop off, but their front court defense is still there with Hamilton and Billups, and Tayshaun. Don’t burry the Pistons, Flip Saunders and his team have a lot to prove this year.

1. Miami Heat 55-27 (+4)
It’s hard to believe the Heat only won 52 games last year, but then again, when you think about how Shaq doesn’t play hard for most of the year, it makes more sense. That philosophy seems to be rubbing off on Wade now, who will be taking it easy to begin the season. The Heat will lose a lot of games they shouldn’t this year, but they’ll be ready to go again come playoff time. Riley didn’t make any changes this year, and I don’t blame him, why mess with a championship team? Wade played awesome during the playoffs and Finals last year, but Haslem and Walker were the X factors that won them the championship (Williams and Mourning deserve being mentioned too). If the Heat can get that same kind of production out of those players this year, they’re going to be tough to beat.

Eastern Conference Playoff Predictions
1st Round
Miami def. Orlando, 4-0.
Detroit def. Indiana, 4-2.
New Jersey def. Washington, 4-2.
Chicago def. Cleveland, 4-3.

Conference Semi-finals
Chicago def. Miami, 4-3.
Detroit def. New Jersey, 4-3.

Conference Finals
Chicago def. Detroit, 4-2.

Dallas def. Chicago, 4-1.

MVP – Lebron James.

ROY – Adam Morrison.

Most Improved Teams – Houston Rockets (West), Chicago Bulls (East).

Best off-season free agent acquisition: Ben Wallace.

Best off-season trade: Celtics aquiring Sebastian Telfair (Great trade for the future, but they aren’t sniffing the playoffs this year).

Coach of the Year – Flip Saunders.

6th Man – Luol Deng

Defensive POY – Ben Wallace

Scoring Leader – Kobe Bryant 32.0.

Biggest Team Cancer – Stephen Jackson.

Most Shocking Season Headline – Will Iverson be moved during the season? You can only be almost traded so many times, and it’s going to be another long season in Philadelphia.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Part 1 of 4. Life in the Post's NBA Preview Spectacle.

We start things off with none other than Point23, the man that got me into blogging. He does some nice work over there. Get ready for the UNC slurping to start soon though. He was my college teammate/roomate for many, many years. Here are his uncensored thoughts on the upcoming NBA season.

Atlantic - Freakin' New Jersey. Damnit. I hate New Jersey. They have four good players though. Anyone else in the division have four? Three? No? OK, moving on...One question, though: why is Jason Kidd good? He always has these triple-doubles, but he can't really shoot and he is just grabbing long rebounds for the rebounds. Most of his assists are just lobs. I think he's made a career out of playing with good jumpers. I really believe that.

- Cleveland. I don't know what I'm more excited about: watching the ascent of the Cavs or the demise of the Pistons. Probably the Cavs, but it's close. Closer than it should be.

- Washington or Miami? Obviously, Miami is better. But Shaq will play himself into shape again this season, and he's probably content as all hell and he might way 400 pounds. Seriously. Still, it's Dwyane Wade. Part of the Holy Trinity of the New Golden Age. He'll get it done.

Northwest - Good God, this division is awful. The Northwest is the poster child for the elimination of divisions all together. Melo has the regular season heriocs down pat, though. As long as K-Mart doesn't lose his mind again, the Nugs should wrap the division up one more time. Of course, K-Mart (worst nickname ever, by the way...whatever happened to the cool nicknames?) could very well go nuts, Nene's knee could crumble again, Reggie Evans could grab everyone's nuts in the locker room, and the Nuggets could win nine games. I believe in Melo, though.

- Can you put any five or six fast, athletic guys around Steve Nash and he'll make them good? I think so. If Sacto would have hung onto Bonzi Wells, I would have picked them to win this divsion, but Amare's retrun is just too much. You can't account for playing against that fast break style in the regular season. They get 15 wins alone just because teams go from playing the Jazz and Warriors to playing them. Its like jumping from a whirlpoop into the regular pool. By the time you're adjusted, odds are you peed yourself.

- Another reason divisions are freakin' stupid: the Northwest had one team in the playoffs last year, and the Southwest could concievably get all five teams in this season. OK, they won't but would you be stunned if San Antonio made the playoffs? No. How bout Dallas? No. Or Memphis? No. Would you be stunned if the NOOCH snuck in as an 8-seed? No. And what if T-Mac stays healthy, and Yao Ming and Bonzi Wells and Shane Battier all get the Rockets into the playoffs? That's a damn good lineup. Plus, it looks like McGrady has some stability in his life now (or at least some nice boobies). That said, SA is just too good and too smart. They'll play in the toughest division and have the most wins in the L. They're that good.

Conference Champs
East - Cleveland. Yezzir.
West - San Antonio. The Spurs will have the most wins in the NBA. That gives them the one seed. That means Dallas and Pheonix will be the 2 and 3 seeds. Having to knock off two of those three is just to hard in back to back weeks.

NBA Champs - Spurs in 6. Although I'm whole-heartedly cheering against this. Nothing would make me happier than Cleveland winning here. Or the Suns. Or Mavs. Yea, that'd be great. This whole season will be cheering against the inevitbale. I can't wait.

MVP - Bron Bron. Just witness.

ROY - Renaldo Balkman...just kidding. In all seriousness, the ROY this year has to be JJ Redick. Ha. Gotcha again. To be honest, I think this draft class sucks. Did you ever look back at like the '94 Draft , for example? Or '97? That's what the '06 Draft is gonna be like in 10 years - one or two names and a bunch of "What the hell were they thinking?" picks. I thought Brandon Roy was the best player in the draft, though, so I'll give him the nod in the ROY Department.

Most Improved - Does Amare count? There's alotta talk about him never being the same as he once was, but I'm not buying it. He's gonna be a monster. If not STAT, then I'll give it to Stephon Marbury. Isiah is going to let him do whatever the hell he wants, which is the only way Marbury can be successful. The Knicks might even sneak into the playoffs, which will only help Starbury's case. But deep down, he'll be the exact same player he was a year ago (and his whole career for that matter).

Coach of the Year - Jeff Van Gundy. The Rockets will go from 34 wins to 49. That's good enough for COY honors. Unless Pat Riley has this Van Gundy secretly killed, too. That could happen.

6th Man - Who's the first guy off the bench for Pheonix this year? I'll take him. (I'm giving you Raja Bell, just becasue.)

Defensive POY
- Ben Wallace. Yawn, Who freaking cares. Ben Wallace makes me not like the Bulls anymore, which is sad.

Scoring Leader
- LeBron. 30.1 (And I'd like to go on record that he could average a triple-double if he wanted to.)

Biggest Team Cancer - Is this even a question? Stephen Jackson is effin' crazy. The Pacers are openly cheering for him to go to jail, just so they don't have to deal with him. Well, what happens when psycho isn't convicted (honestly, is anyone ever convicted?) and then returns to the organization that was unabashedly rooting for his incarceration? Something tells me Mr. Jackson might feel a tad, oh, mizundastood, and start poppin' off at the mouth. From there, its all downhill. I mean, this guy regularly carries a concealed weapon. Does he take it everywhere with him? Does he have it in the locker room? We might have our first even in-arena gun accident. If I was a ball boy for the Pacers, I'd be scared out of my freakin' mind, becuase you know something little will set Jackson off. "Where's my fluffy towel! Where the fuck is it! Fuck it, where's my gat?!"

Most Shocking Season Headline - "Sebestain Telfair had Fabulous Shot." Amazingly, I didn't even have to make that up. Can you believe that shit? That's something you'd see on Law & Order and be like "Nice try to be relevant, L&O, but that'd never happen." Honestly, I can't even think of something the NBA hasn't already done in real life. Maybe "Shaq poses for Play Girl; One-Inch Penis Confirmed." Or, "Don Nelson Fails Breathalyzer at Half Time." How about "Steve Francis Catches Cuttino Cheating on Him."
Biggest Name that is Traded - KG. Pull the freakin' trigger, McHale. It's over, all right? Send the Big Ticket to a contender, get a few draft picks and some young talent, and build something. I know everyone and their brother has been has been demanding KG be traded to the Bulls, but it seems like the two teams are just built for each other. Why wouldn't the Bulls send Luol Deng, Ben Gordon, Mike Sweetney and next year's draft pick to the Bulls for KG? Chicago doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting past the second round with that current team; KG makes them NBA Finalists. And now Minny has some sweet young guys to build around and at least they'd be exciting. Just do it McHale. Or trade him to the Lakers for their entire roster, minus KB24. Man, can you imagine KG and KB? I bet they would win some games. Maybe even alot of them.

Best Offseason Pick Up - Not Ben Wallace. He's good for exactly one more win, if that. How about Vlad Rad signing with the Lake Show? I am absolutely petrified of the Lakers this season. All Kobe needs around him are capable players. They don't even need to be good; just put some guys around him who won't fuck up. The more decent players Kobe has, the better the Lakers are. Adding even one more guy who isn't a total disgrace and the Lakers might win it all. I love Mike James, though. Him and KG could get frisky in Minny. Can't tell you how heartbroken I was when the Cavs didn't sign him. Mike James!

Anything else you want the world to know....

I would like the world to know that I am an unofficial member of Our Family.

The Randomness.

One thing that I will never understand is manager's of baseball teams giving interviews in the middle of the game. You can't tell me that Jim Leyland doesn't have anything better to do in between innings than shoot the shit with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver (who are the worst by the way.) This game is still going on, go coach em' up. It's like halftime or the end of a quarter or something. You are in the middle of a baseball game. Is baseball so slow moving that these managers have nothing better to do than throw a headset on and explain their reasoning for something. In the regular season, maybe. In the playoffs, never. In the World Series, not a chance in hell. What does any manager have to gain from it? Nothing. It's like when Gordon Bombay went all Hollywood on the Ducks during D2. "The Air Bombay, it's a coaching loafer for young kids."

The Raidddas won, how unbelieveable is this?

Only 8 more days until House is back on the Airwaves.

I only have 2 total classes this week. How did I manage to pull that one off?

Never again, Three Olives Watermelon, never again. I'm sooooo sorry.

Video of the Week....Justin & Tip Harris - My Love

Having your room clean makes you feel a lot better about things. It's alot nice to come home to a clean room than a messy one. Like my room was in shambles for like a week or so and now its clean and its such a more welcoming place to come back too. It also helps with knowing where everything is.

If you don't already know, I'm coachin' em up for my alma mater and it's been pretty good so far. I'll tell you what though, when i walked in to that first practice last Sunday, I thought I was gonna be sick. It probably wouldn't be so bad if I was coaching somewhere else with people I have never met before, but I am coaching my best friends. I seriously thought I was gonna puke. (Maybe that is what it was from, seriously, so so so sorry). It kind of made me want to have to lace them up again, and it really made me realize that my competitive basketball career is over. I'm alright now and slowly getting a little better at it. Hopefully I can help the post guys with the knowledge that I do have and be alright at it. Only time will tell.

I have to be in the weightroom in about 6 hours, oh well.

Look out for the Life in the Post NBA Preview Spectacle coming sometime this week...

Your boy got his name on Deadspin this weekend, which was kinda awesome.

The Bucks stomped it out again this weekend. Both my fantasy teams got spanked this weekend, which sounds about right.

This year (2006) is going very quickly.

I want to go to a concert. A week from this Saturday will be the one year anniversary of the Kanye concert, which in hindsight, was quite a feat Thomas.

Wow, Chargers LB Shawne Merriman just got the 4 game hook for Roids. When are these people gonna learn to stop taking steroids. I mean, we can't go a month with someone popping out with a roids suspension. How bad is the image of pro athletes right now too. From steroids to chain-snatching to firing warning shots to holdouts to strip club fiascos, it seems to never end. Now I know that about 95% of pro athletes are really good guys, well they just need to straighten out the other 5% and we will all be fine.

Alright 48, alright. This is gonna be getting some of my attention in the coming weeks.

Halloween is right around the corner...

The new MTV News webiste sucks by the way. No way an I downloading that crap just to read the news. I'll find it somewhere else.

That's it for now...

Bust a move.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Live Blogging the First Quarter of Texas-Nebraska.

Why not?

Due to time restraints, I'll be only be here till about 1:15 then I have to go coach em up. So that's when this will end.

Brent Musberger and "The Coach" Bob Davies live in Lincoln, NE. Don't you have to be a good coach to have coach as your nickname. Lisa Salters on the sidelines.

It's 38 degrees there. I'm so glad I'm not there.

In case you forgot, The Buckeyes beat Texas this year.

OK, this dude from Texas just took the kickoff to Nebraska's ten. This could be over early.

How many times is Musberger gonna refer to the crowd as the big red nation?

Hold em to a FG. Congrats, Maybe Nebraska is actually good.

Forget this, I'm too tired.

Bust a move.